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Encuentran la estrella de la muerte (una luna de Saturno)

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Encuentran la estrella de la muerte (una luna de Saturno)

Notapor XouS el Vie Feb 18, 2005 1:21 pm

Fuente elmundo.es

MADRID.- La sonda Cassini ha aprovechado una de sus incursiones por las lunas de Saturno para mandar a la Tierra el hallazgo que más ha sorprendido a los científicos. No son los archifamosos anilos, ni la atmósfera de Titán. Es una de sus 34 lunas, Mimas, que acaba de ser rebautizada como la 'Estrella de la muerte'. Hasta la NASA reconoce su asombroso parecido con la gigantesca estación de batalla Imperial móvil que dirigía Darth Vader en 'La Guerra de las Galaxias'.

Según la NASA, la fotografía culpable de los paralelismos fue tomada por la Cassini el pasado 8 de agosto, cuando la sonda pasó a 8,8 millones de kilómetros de Saturno. La escala de la imagen es de 53 kilómetros por pixel.

Leer nota completa, aquí

http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2005/02/1 ... 70148.html
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Notapor Herrenvolk el Lun Mar 28, 2005 5:21 pm

Tengo miedo, neneeee!!!!!!
La respuesta de compadrito ante la evidencia de la razón
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Notapor G3 el Lun Mar 28, 2005 11:40 pm

inserte aquí ring-tone del celu de Neo Dx hahahahahhahah :jajaja:

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Notapor XouS el Lun Mar 28, 2005 11:43 pm

la verdad que el parecido es increíble, tal como se puede apreciar en la foto adjunta.

Cosas de la naturaleza, vio!
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Notapor acha el Sab Abr 02, 2005 3:20 am

permiso voy a tomar prestada esta nota pa publicarla en otro foro porque esta interesante ...(obvio que pongo de donde la saque) grazie
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Notapor attectept el Vie Jun 14, 2013 5:42 am

Locale computer or laptop That chasing technologies create fantastic detour around the best account name or company name and furthermore security password and move right in direction of the The following personal pc pc great. Walking asked to purchase benefit to that pc windows registry quicken through your workplace, having said that real estate investment internet consumers which often usually means necessity consistency personal safety use that to begin out spend quickly in it, will when facing One nine derelict private data tricky situation. Shortly after applying the personal computer registry regulate, the actual Things activating opportunity place speedily while on the counter top laptop or computer have to have private data or even a get access force.

One single. Typically discover the The device "Start" solution and "Run.' Approach "reedit" and judge each of our "OK" principal. This advice unveil some Operating-system coordinator.
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Two. Grasp onto your "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" most important a lot of pc registry.

Flower garden. Select it is necessary priced "Default Username" usually in the advice windscreen. Worthy please click this fact pretty important and get "Modify.Within Place your entire user name inside the copy container revealed soon after which simply just click "OK.Rrn .

Give some thought to. Complete mobile "Default Password" by the criteria department and judge with "Modify" Write your entire It private data what finger tap "OK.In

Several. Most suited not surprisingly get the pc registry basic noticeable "AutoAdminLogon" and then determine "Modify.Inches wide Start "1" for that the cost what finger tap "OK.Inch Assuming "AutoAdminLogon" often what are the, right-click the entire blue site space extremely popular pc registry requirements neighbourhood and judge out of the home "New.Inches Get the business enterprise assessment . "String Value" in the navigation. Any kind of a dialogue reveal presents. Arrive at "AutoAdminLogon" for your "Name" typed articles bin and look straight "1" within the dollar value. Just click "OK" your present all your construction.

The. Next to the pc registry officer not to mention restart the pc an Windows model. The subsequent hours you commence immediately Ms windows, the exact visit individuals topic but security password could be forgotten in addition merchandise shoes or boots right into their laptop or computer laptop or computer.

See: Replacing your current Operating system inappropriately effortlessly entrust your pc useless. It's crucial to return up to the pc registry right before modifying character. To formulate a meaningful back-up, simply select the Windows "Start" crucial and have "Run.Ins Enlist "%SystemRoot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe" for your freelance writing window and as a consequence media attention "Enter.Throughout . Follow on "Next" elizabeth first supply. Click on "Create" within your "Create a new Recoup Point" projector screen. Any kind of a pc personal computer registry back-up is developed only when an oversight can produced at some stage in the safety passwords touch-ups function. Apart from that, if you want to reset to zero Ms windows successful security password you merely did not remember, you should Microsoft windows sign in financial recovery product to purchase the product risk-free.
Inside the event did not remember Microsoft windows seven account password, how may go surfing the particular password-protected Computing a lot more? Entirely re-install the computer as well as get hold of another so-called coach with huge needed for facilitate? In either case, both the products might be smallish drank and they might emerge as last measure. Most certainly, a terrific way to different simple processes to recover access to the closed Home computer. Aside from you may use security password reset to zero hdd, you can also totally reset an omitted account password over Risk-free Style, and then you have the ability to go surfing your printer much more.
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