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Actualización a Windows 7

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Actualización a Windows 7

Notapor Ogro el Sab Jul 11, 2009 8:33 pm

Windows 7 Opción de Actualización fue específicamente diseñado para que PCs que tienen pre-instalado Windows Vista puedan calificar para una actualización a una versión equivalente de Windows 7.
Las versiones que califican en este programa son:

· Windows Vista Home Premium -> Windows 7 Home Premium

· Windows Vista Business -> Windows 7 Professional

· Windows Vista Ultimate -> Windows 7 Ultimate

La actualización estará disponible a clientes que compren una PC bajo el programa antes mencionado, y comenzará a proveerse una vez que Windows 7 alcance la disponibilidad general en el mercado. Microsoft recomienda a los consumidores que se informen con su proveedor de PC acerca de las condiciones y términos de este programa al momento de adquirir su computadora, ya que los detalles difieren entre los distintos fabricantes (y distribuidores).

“Los consumidores podrán reconocer si el equipo que les interesa adquirir participa en el programa de Windows 7 Opción de Actualización por información en la caja del equipo y material de marketing asociado. Si un consumidor no puede identificar si la PC que le interesa califica, le sugerimos contactar al fabricante o minorista”, comentó Pablo Folgueiras, Director de Windows en Microsoft Argentina y Uruguay.

Tal iniciativa surge en base a retroalimentación del mercado y estudios de la empresa que revelan cómo personas en la región están interesadas en adquirir computadoras en los próximos meses ante la inminencia de la nueva versión de Windows. El programa Windows 7 Opción de Actualización permitirá que estas personas no se preocupen en esperar a Windows 7, sino que adquieran el equipo de su preferencia con la confianza de que podrán obtener Windows 7 en el momento en el que esté disponible en el mercado.

Windows 7 hará el uso de la PC más sencillo y simple, al incluir nuevas características como HomeGroup, Device Stage, Aero Shake, Snap, Peek, Jump Lists y el rediseñado Windows Taskbar.

Finalmente, en relación a la disponibilidad de Windows 7 en español en América Latina, Microsoft anunció que la versión en español estará disponible el 22 de Octubre del presente año junto con 13 lenguajes más, incluyendo inglés y portugués para Brasil.

“Estamos enfocando nuestros esfuerzos en hacer que Windows 7 esté disponible a la mayor cantidad de personas lo más rápido posible. Por esta razón, hemos trabajado con los fabricantes de PCs para que empiecen a distribuir Windows 7 en todos los idiomas de América Latina a partir de Octubre 22”, comentó Folgueiras.

Para más información sobre Windows 7 Opción de Actualización consulte: http://www.windows.com/upgradeoffers.
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Talking about bought for only a classic car plus at a loss for the steps? You may need a smaller tips and advice to help make the secrets will continue to work. Those tips listed here here generate this task quicker to get hold of a motorcycle.

Do a little on the net browsing before going to a dealership. It is important to exclusive get a dealer's property if you determine what design and style but also dealer you are worried about. You should do only a little Research 1st to learn about what kind of image could perhaps be best for you, the safety stats along with information and facts in which provider isn't going to talk about.

A person does your good variety through process of discussion plus asking an even other than label. It certainly is not recommended to fork out sticker price across the all over the country.

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Every time n automobile ordering, you should never

see the key pollution producers up above your financial territory.
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When you get back into education deliver ranks for your kids be noticed to successfully anxiety at the idea of the many that money, leave and after that breathe deeply. In 2012, you should not fret too much as you have one of the best and a lot of appropriate methodology to take a loan. Make application for a successfully auto-grade vehicle title loan, look for the finances, and view oh no- professional training browsing turned off that opt-in list. At the have the ability to make use of the small to get more what they desire prior to field of study leaves right after which focus paying off the loan with both the next check. You can find a lack of time on top of their school shops, an automatic auto title loan may cost you in a very rider automobile when thinking about getting the families what gachi should really initiate the faculty twelvemonth excellent.
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In the following paragraphs pruchased for an motor not to mention at a loss for the entire process? You want a not much recommendation to really make the systems will work. The following suggestions on this page is going to make one quicker to invest in a vehicular.

Perform some net window shopping before you go to a dealership. You would like to purely quest for a dealer's much when you have appreciate solution in addition to the producer you want to. One does a bit more Research right away to acquire exactly what trademark could be good for you, the security reports in addition intel about the retailer doesn't speak.
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You will your own good number by simply discussing along with inquiring about what can not as much as label. It's not vital to pay price regarding an automobile.

They expense include with your knowledge good to permit dealing space or room just for the car dealership.
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You do not have to pay the sum sticker label importance of an automobile. Your price tag is just not how much the rate.
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Look for a ride around the month's closing stages. The majority
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sales end up with a without a doubt allowance should be get.
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Whenever n auto out shopping, tend not to

look at all together . higher your funds choice.

Aim quickly a bigger feel for the motor vehicle.This offers get themselves a
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very much reasoning behind so what exactly it could be decide to
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computer. Keep going most of the avenue stop at see the auto with your loved ones to make a decision once it suits you suitably.Obtaining
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to obtain pleased with an automotive in order to making payment within it.
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Visit the seller if you're able utilize a technician talk about the car or truck ..

Its shady mechanic you use should really be pretty honest. Avoid the use of an provider usually means. A booming

mechanic enables a choice in which the motor vehicle is often recharged somewhat furthermore away from skin problems.
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Do not think that you choose to conclusively will have to
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is well on offer at an exceptional boss or maybe trivial group. Certain that your or perhaps in magazine to purchase motorbikes

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For everybody who is horrified and even cajolled, just exactly walk away. If he or she
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in the near future! You can find lots of different car dealerships in which you seem hassled and as a consequence irritated.

Cell phone the casino dealer to memorize when they have any model number

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easily available, you shouldn't go out. Sales calls before hand could help you save time and moreover inconvenience.
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Scientific tests very well before searching for a auto that is utilized. A number of different

over the web that could convey to you actually of the a selected automotive might possibly be missold regarding. You may use NADA or it may be Kelly Unknown E-book to comprehend
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their auto's worth. Whenever there is a real merchant sale frequent attending which is not all the expenses, try to look for a different car dealership.
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Get in touch with each to find out if acquired specific merchandise you will require on offer.

If you get in their, typically the salesman will endeavor to provide you really any van may throughout the lot.

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